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writer. comedian. actress. author. bird enthusiast.


So, You Want To Know About Me...

Well, I'll tell you, but it'll have to be in third person.

Emily Duncan is a Canadian-born, New York-based writer and comedian. She has written in some form or another for Funny or Die, BustedTees, IFC, Mic.com, Hairstory, Hallmark, Imperfect Produce, Busch beer and Nuts.com’s roast of nuts, among others.

Emily’s plays have been read or produced at Classical Theatre of Harlem’s Playwrights Playground, The Playwrights Loft, Rising Sun Performance Company, Horse & Cart Theater, The Bus Stop Theater, Little Fish Theater, and SWAN Day Boston. She has written and directed a number of original plays and musicals for The Peoples Improv Theater, including Pluto Is Missing! A Not-So-Planetary Musical, a family-friendly musical she co-wrote, which enjoyed a year and a half long run at The PIT from Sept. 2017 until Jan. 2019. 

She has performed at festivals around North America and NYC with her comedy group Big Britches, including at the 2018 New York and Philadelphia Sketchfests. Emily also co-hosts The Revolution, a monthly intersectional feminist comedy show showcasing female and non-binary comedians at QED in Astoria. 

Cocktail Girl

Alexa, play me the sound only cool teens can hear.


Creative Writing

I write plays, musicals, screenplays, TV pilots, sketch comedy, and stand up. Check out my resume in "Downloads" and keep an eye out for my forthcoming romance novel.



As well as writing plays and sketches, I do joke punch-up, script editing, copywriting, and proofreading. And I write humorous, character-driven ads, like this one for "Imperfect Produce." For more samples or to talk rates, get in touch!


Being Myself

Here's a recent video of me appearing in the Epicurious "4 Levels" series as an amateur cook. Looking for someone funny to be themselves on camera? Maybe I'm your gal! (I also host trivia and do stand up comedy.)

Botanic Illustrator

"It was a pleasure working with Emily! I have nothing but good things to say about both quality of work and communication. Will hire again!"

"Emily was fantastic to work with. On time and on target and did a couple of good revisions. I'll hire her in the future for additional projects. Pleasure to work with."

"Emily was extremely quick with her work, and turned around some amazing ideas to us. She's funny, witty and a great writer!"

- Upwork Clients


And This Is My Headshot

It's my face.


Some Potentially Handy Files

Click to download.

Writing Resume

The long version.

Performing Resume

Acting and such.

Playwriting Sample

"Troll" Excerpt

TV Writing Sample

"Paws for Effect" Pilot Excerpt


Here's A Few Other Links (Work Edition)

Website left you begging for more Emily? Here's some more stuff you can watch and read.

Underwater Dive

What If Megalodon Sharks Were Still Alive?

I wrote this video (and a few others for Question King) to answer one of life's most important questions.

Modern Technology

How To Organize Your iPhone And Save Storage Space

I wrote a series of lightly humorous and informative blog posts about Apple products for BuyBackBoss.com. Here's one.


Zillable For Work & Innovation

An ad I worked on for start-up collaboration platform Zillable.

Dog wearing Costume

The 10 Best Comedy Albums On Spotify You Haven't Heard Yet

This was written in 2017, but it's possible you still haven't heard these comedy albums.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.17.04 PM.png

You Could Buy This Mug I Wrote

Via Funny or Die's Pitch app.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.07.24 PM.png

Dermala Skin Care (Full Spot)

A character-driven ad campaign I contributed writing to for Bacon & Eggs Media.


Here's A Few Other Other Links (Creative)

You've got a hankering and the only fix is watching my original musicals?

Headshot 2.jpg

Here's My Acting Reel

Such as it is.


This Is Where You Can Watch A Little Of My Stand-Up

5 minutes of funny words. Seen here at Salon at Pier A Harbor House in NYC.


Pluto Is Missing! A Not-So-Planetary Musical

See the trailer for "Pluto Is Missing!", a show I co-wrote and performed in at the The PIT!


Curling! The Musical

Probably the world's only musical about the sport of curling. Written and directed by me.

Scary Window Silhouette

Break A Leg

A 3 minute horror film I wrote and acted in. (Best Supporting Actress: Sparrow Film Fest)


Canadian Mail Order Brides Eh Dot Com

I star in this sketch that only aged sort of well. But you can see how hot I am.

Typewriter Keys

Haikus For Office Workers

Haikus about being an office manager, by me, for you.

Pro Headphones

The Secret Service Song

I sing a funny original song to you.

Fern Plant

"Hold on, I gotta get my Gritty costume on for this."

- Someone in Philadelphia


Make Contact


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